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Panama Medical Tourism Punta Caracol

Punta Caracol is located in Bocas Del Toro, which lies about an hour from Panama City by plane and it lies on the border with Costa Rica. On arrival in Bocas del Toro at the airport in Isla Colon, there will be a guide waiting for you at the airport to take you to the dock where the guide will arrange your trip by boat to Punta Caracol, an exceptional 15 minutes ride over the Caribbean Sea. Upon your arrival at Punta Caracol, you will be welcomed with a courtesy cocktail and then led to your cabin. You can decide if you would like to take a tour or spend the rest of the day at the lodge.

Built over the Caribbean Sea, along a mile long coral reefed coast, Punta Caracol is constructed using the traditional methods of the Archipelago: each handsomely crafted cabin is built upon stilts which support a wooden frame over the water and covered by a palm leaf roof - an unforgettable habitat congruent with the native communities of the region.

Natural building materials offered by the rich nature of the region were used. The result is a warm close-to-nature ambience that takes us back to our origins. Enjoy one our five exclusive cabins set over the crystal clear waters of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. From your private terrace you will be able to observe impressive sunsets interrupted only by playful dolphins.

At Punta Caracol aqua-lodge the ancient crafty construction techniques are combined with the most advanced alternative energy creation systems such as the solar panels, which are present at the restaurant and in all suites, and gas cooling in all our refrigerators and freezers, as well as the coupling of a sewage purifying system using state-of-the-art aerobic systems for micro-processing and sewage treatment.

In the restaurant located upon the blue and turquoise waters of the Carribean, you can taste a variety of traditional and Mediterranean dishes finely prepared in the kitchen. From a silk snapper in virgin olive oil and rock salt with rice and guandu made with coconut milk, to a lobster stew or a seafood paella, the philosophy that inspires the table is founded on three concepts that are intimately linked: fresh cuisine, light cuisine and a healthy cuisine.