Panama Medical Tourism Sapibenega Lodge

Visit Sapibenega Lodge after a Panama Medical Vacation

Panama Medical Tourism Sapibenega Lodge

Sapibenega The Kuna Lodge is a small resort located in one of the 365 wonderful islands that form up the archipelago of Kuna Yala, which is known worldwide as the San Blas region.

Sapibenega is the first totally ecological Kuna Lodge. It is located on a private island close to the community of Playon Chico, on the Caribbean side of Panama.

The resort counts with 13 cabins, all equipped with private bathrooms, wooden floor, WC [composting toilets], fresh water and 24 hour solar powered electricity.

There is much to do in Kuna Yala. Sapibenega offers you a great variety of all natural and cultural activities to do. You can choose to visit the Kuna village of Playon Chico, visit the Kuna burial ground or watch the traditional Kuna dance. You can also go on a excursion to many of the uninhabited islands like Dupir or Diadup.

Sapibenega's lodge has the best equipped and most comfortable restaurant / bar in Kuna Yala. You will enjoy a romantic dinner in front of the sea lit by candles, under a sky full of stars. We have social area too, for meetings and conferences.