Clinica de Ojos Orillac-Calvo

Panama Eye Surgery, Blepharoplasty Surgery

Visual care requires trained and specialized professionals. At the the Clinica de Ojos Orillac-Calvo you will find an answer to that visual affection you have. With more than 10 years at the service of Panama, this recognized center counts with the personalized attention of doctors Rubén Orillac, Ernesto A. Calvo and Jorge Calzada, the three of them certificatied by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

The experience and the constant training, both in Panama and the United States, allows them to offer a service of excellence through correct diagnosis and indicated treatment.

Clinica de Ojos Orillac-Calvo is characterized as being one of the most innovative in Panama and Central America, with the latest in state of the science technology in ophthalmology. They have the most modern equipment for diagnosis and surgery, which allows them to obtain the best results.

This complete ocular center offers eyelid surgery, cosmetic surgery with CO2 laser , Excimer Laser surgery and cataract surgery without requiring stitches. These last two are carried out by using a local drop anesthesia for added safety.

The surgeons of Clinica de Ojos Orillac-Calvo use the last generation of the Ultrasound Machine and Aqualase INFINITY of the Alcon house, modern equipment that allows to extract cataracts through a small incision with a great level of safety.

The Clinic´s surgeons are the only surgeons in the area granted approval to place the innovative Pastone Multifocal Alcon house lenses, by which the operated cataract patients not only see distant spots with clarity but also nearby and in all ranges of intermediate distances without using eyeglasses.

All the surgeries and treatments are made by doctors Orillac & Calvo, attended by auxiliary personnel trained in the ophthalmological field assuring you the best possible results.